The purpose of this site is to be a comprehensive source of data relating to all major Quasar Tournaments, as far back in time as possible, and for all future competitions. The criteria for selecting a competition to include is that it must be a "Major" tournament, with a minimum of 5 teams, spanning over at least 2 days. This excludes pickem's, overnighters, and small regional tournaments.

At present, the site relates to "UK & Ireland" tournaments, and any information that you may have about previous or missing tournament would be much appreciated. Additionally, it would be good in future to include tournaments from other parts of the world into the site, for instance from USA, Russia, or Italy, to build a worldwide database.

Far and away the most difficult part (and most crucial) of making this site was sourcing the data. This meant scouring Quasar presences on the internet such as the old message boards, newsgroups, and Quasar forums. There was a huge contribution from a number of people who gave much assistance both with finding data, and verifying it. Many Thanks to everyone who has contributed.


There is still some data that is incomplete or unverified.

  • Incomplete data relates to team line-ups and player information where the full details have not been collected.
  • Unverified data is that which has been obtained, but not verified by a team/player or individual close to them.

For example, old team line-ups from pre-internet (message boards, quasar forum) eras are often incomplete due to lack of records. Those that are complete may be unverified if those players have retired since, and other players can't remember those details.

The relevance an usefulness of the site is entirely dependant on the accuracy of the data. While every effort has been made to ensure that everything is correct before publishing, it may often be wrong or incomplete. As such, assistance & co-operation from the Quasar community is very much needed and appreciated, in adding new information or editing what is already there. If you notice any missing or incorrect data, or would like to verify some details, please let me know. I believe that the site can be considered to be reliably accurate when the verified data amount is greater than 80%.


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